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This page contains code that for some reason doesn't belong on the main samples page, but still is interesting enough to share. For example, it can be code snippets that I've posted online in reply to newsgroup or mailing list questions, or code that I haven't fully tested yet or haven't written a decent demo application for. While I'm interested to hear about any errors found in the code, I might not always care to correct them. Use this stuff at your own risk.


IdentityHashCodeProvider 2 kb 07/16/02
Simple implementation of IHashCodeProvider that does a non-virtual call to System.Object.GetHashCode() to retrieve an AppDomain-unique hash code for an object, regardless if GetHashCode is overridden. .NET Fx v1.1 Update: As of v1.1 of the framework, there is a method System.Runtime.CompilerServices.RuntimeHelpers.GetHashCode(object) that does this as well. [ILAsm, C++, C#]

Task Scheduler for .NET 123 kb 03/22/02
Interface definitions and a simple demo app showing how to use the Windows Task Scheduler from .NET. Uses only the raw COM APIs. If you're looking for a more .NET friendly wrapper, check out codeproject.com. [C#]




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