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Here are various tools and utilities that you might find useful. Unlike the files on the Samples page, these don't always include source code. The reason is simply that the source isn't terribly interesting. If you for some reason want to look at the source for one of the tools, just mail me.


Assembly Cache Viewer add-in 04/17/2002
A tool window add-in for Visual Studio .NET that displays assemblies in the Global Assembly Cache, Native image cache and Download cache.

BcHelp 23 kb 03/30/2002
Something that's missing from the Visual Basic .NET documentation is a list of all the error codes (BCxxxxx) that the compiler might generate. This is quite annoying when working a lot with the command line compiler, where you can't press F1 to open the help for an error. This ZIP file contains a CVS file with most (all?) documented error codes, with description and the HTML Help page URL. There's also a simple tool called BcHelp included that can be used to quickly open the right help page in your browser. For example, you you type bchelp 30001 at the command prompt to open the help for BC30001. The program uses the CVS file to find the right URL. If you find an error code that's missing from the list, please let me know. I try to keep it as complete as possible.

COMRunDll 66 kb 04/17/2002
Ever wanted to write a tool that could be invoked by Rundll32.exe in Visual Basic? This shim library lets you do that.

ThemeMe 15 kb 07/16/2002
ThemeMe is a utility for embedding a manifest resource in an executable file. It is typically used to enable Windows XP theming for managed executables built with Visual Studio .NET, where you can't easily include custom old style Win32 resources.




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